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home statging - kitchen

If you want your Dubai property to sell quickly and for top dirham, home staging is essential. Home staging makes a great first impression on potential buyers and helps them visualize themselves living in the home. Use these home staging tips to showcase your property’s finest features before listing it on the Dubai real estate market:

Choose a Theme and Color Scheme

Pick one cohesive style and color palette for your home staging. Modern, traditional, neutral, or bright – select a distinct theme that flows throughout all the rooms. Stick to 2-3 colors in your color scheme for a clean, uniform look. Keep it simple yet elegant.

Declutter Every Room

Clutter is the enemy of good home staging. Remove all personal items and 75% of decor and furniture to create a spacious look and feel. Buyers want to envision filling the home with their own belongings. Get storage units to eliminate clutter during showings.

Let Light In

Open all window treatments and turn lights on to make rooms brighter and more welcoming. Clean windows allow sunlight to highlight architectural details and floor plans. Replace burnt bulbs for well-lit spaces.

Neutralize with White Paint

Fresh white or off-white paint evokes a clean, move-in ready canvas. Repaint dingy walls and touch up paint elsewhere. Crisp white backdrops allow buyers to concentrate on a property’s assets rather than flaws.

Upgrade Flooring

Replace old carpet stains or install new hardwood floors if your budget allows. New flooring expands the perceived size of rooms. Even inexpensive updates like area rugs can help freshen worn spaces.

Stage Each Room Purposefully

Give buyers a sense of each room’s intended use by staging furnishings appropriately. For example, place a dining table and chairs in the dining area versus extra sofas or desks.

Highlight Special Features

Draw attention to architectural details like high ceilings with carefully positioned lighting. Accentuate views from windows by adjusting landscaping for better sightlines. Spotlight crown moldings, fireplaces, or other special details.

Photograph for Listings Strategically

Capture photos from flattering angles that emphasize room sizes, layouts and abundance of natural light. Hire a professional real estate photographer to truly do your property justice digitally.

By preparing your Dubai property for sale using these home staging methods, you’ll maximize its visual appeal and marketability. Home staging helps quality buyers envision your house as their future home. Partner with CHR’s experienced Dubai real estate agents to sell your staged home quickly and for top value on the current market.


home statging - kitchen

Enhance Curb Appeal

A home’s exterior and landscaping should make a stellar first impression even before buyers step inside. Power wash siding, touch up exterior paint, and repair any issues like damaged gutters. Clean up the yard by mowing grass, trimming bushes and trees, and planting flowers. Welcome buyers with a freshly paved driveway or walkway.

Update Kitchen and Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms sell homes, so invest staging dollars here. Replace old kitchen appliances and hardware with stainless steel. Add a fresh coat of paint to cabinets and replace their dated handles. Swap out old sinks, faucets, lighting and mirrors in bathrooms.

Rent Staging Furniture

Consider renting furniture from home staging companies to fill empty spaces for showings. Then remove bulky items to make rooms appear larger before open houses. Rental furniture allows you to create custom looks without expensive purchases.

Set an Inviting Mood

Make every room feel welcoming by incorporating sensory details. Play quiet background music and maintain comfortable lighting levels. Bake cookies or simmer cinnamon before showings for pleasant aromas. Buyers react positively when properties feel warm, cozy and move-in ready.


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Partner with a Staging Expert

If undertaking an entire home staging project feels overwhelming, hire professional home stagers. Experienced stagers understand exactly how to accentuate assets and disguise flaws. Many are certified through organizations like the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP). Home staging services range from hourly consultations to full property makeovers. Consider your time, budget and how much you can DIY.

These additional home staging tips will perfect your Dubai property for listing. Remember – you never get a second chance to make a good first impression on buyers. Invest time and money into showcasing your home’s full potential. Then let CHR’s real estate agents leverage great staging to negotiate top offers and a quick sale!


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