UAE Golden Visa Updation

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UAE Golden Visa no longer imposes a minimum payment threshold.

To boost the Dubai real estate market, the emirate has removed the need for a minimum down payment to qualify for the UAE Golden Visa when buying property. This change, which is more favorable to mortgage seekers, opens up new possibilities for investors seeking long-term residency and positively impacts the city’s property landscape.

  • Previously, for the 10-year Golden Visa, it’s required to pay a minimum of AED 1 million upfront to qualify for the coveted visa through property ownership.
  • Now, the buyer does not have to pay 50% of the total sum to be eligible for the visa. That is, if your mortgaged property in Dubai is valued over AED 2 million, you can qualify for the Golden Visa, regardless of your initial down payment amount.
  • Although the stipulation for a down payment has been waived, to qualify for golden residency, real estate investors in Dubai must have a property valued at a minimum of Dh2 million, according to the Dubai Land Department.
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This policy shift reflects market trends, where cash transactions, though common, lag behind rising property prices. In Q3 2023, only 33% of transactions were mortgages, while 67% were cash deals. Anticipated interest rate drops in 2024 may drive a surge in mortgages, further fueled by the Golden Visa incentive.

In summary, Dubai’s decision to ease restrictions on the Golden Visa marks a strategic change, offering easier access to residency and promoting a future driven by mortgages in its vibrant real estate sector. This step is expected to draw a broader spectrum of investors and entrepreneurs, further enhancing the emirate’s ongoing economic and social vitality.